Nickel Catalyst Oleo Chemicals

Nickel Catalyst Grade

Item Code: SCAT-2206

This is a high activity, highly dispersed promoted Nickel Catalyst, on a siliceous support, protected in fully hydrogenated refined oil, produced by a dry reduction process. Suhans Dry reduced Nickel Catalyst grade is a rugged warhorse, exhibiting extreme resistance to poisons as well as fast hydrogenation speeds to low I.Vs at relatively lower temperatures. A combination of Regulated particle size, promoter and support ensure:


  •  High Activity.
  •  Good resistance to poisons and long life.
  •  Good Filtration Characteristics.


  • Nickel - 22 +/- 1 %
  •  Siliceous Support – 7 %
  • Promoter-0.02%
  •  Balance - Fully hydrogenated refined Vegetable Oil (Soya or Palm) The main active Component in this Catalyst is Nickel.

Physical Properties:


  • Form – Pastilles (Droplet)
  •  Melting Point – 64 Degree Celsius

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SCAT-2206
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