Nickel Catalyst Castor Hydrogenation

Nickel Catalyst Grade

Item Code: 2233

This is also a highly active, highly dispersed promoted Nickel Catalyst, on a siliceous support, protected in fully hydrogenated refined oil, produced by a dry reduction process. Suhans Dry reduced Nickel Catalyst Grade is a rugged warhorse, exhibiting fast hydrogenation speeds to low I.Vs at relatively lower temperatures and very good filteration characteristics thus ensuring extremely low residual Nickel in the final product. The main features are:


  •  High Activity
  •  Good resistance to poisons and long life
  •  Extremely Low Nickel PPM in final product
  •  Good Filtration Characteristics



  • Nickel-22+/-1%
  • Siliceous Support-7%
  • Promoter-0.02%
  •  Balance-Fully hydrogenated refined Vegetable Oil (Soya or Palm)
  •  The main active Component in this Catalyst is Nickel

Physical Properties:

  •  Form Pastilles (Droplet)
  •  Melting Point is 64 degree celcius



Castor Hydrogenation to low I.Vs at relatively lower temperature
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 2233
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