Dispersed Nickel Catalyst

Nickel Catalyst Grade

This is a well-dispersed Nickel Catalyst, on a siliceous support, protected in fully hydrogenated refined vegetable oil, produced by a dry reduction process. This grade has very high linoleate selectivity, necessary to produce the required oxidation stability and texture in table oils and Vanaspati Ghee. It has good Trans Isomer Selectivity required for the production of cocoa butter substitutes and vegetable creamers. Poison resistance, Steep melting point curves, optimum selectivity, good reuse properties, low oil retention (Low Silica) and good filtration characteristics is the main features of this grade.

  •  Optimum Activity.
  •  Selective Hydrogenation. 
  •  Steep Melting Point Curves.  
  • Superb Filtration Characteristics.
  • Versatility over a wide range of feedstock.


  •  Nickel - 22+/-1 %
  •  Siliceous Support - 7 +/- 1 %
  •  Promoter - 0.015%
  •  Balance - Fully hydrogenated refined Vegetable Oil (Soya or Palm)

Physical Properties:


  •  Form - Pastilles (Droplet)
  •  Melting Point - 64 Degree Celsius

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SCAT-2203
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